Steamed King Prawns in shell with Garlic Sauce (4) £10.50
Steamed Fresh Scallops in shell with ginger and
Spring Onion (each) £3.00
Deep Fried Crab's Claws stuffed with
minced prawns (each) £5.90
Pork Yuk Sung (For two persons) £9.00
Spicy Pork Yuk Sung (For two persons) £10.00
Chicken Yuk Sung (For two persons) £9.00
Spicy Chicken Yuk Sung (For two persons) £10.00
King Prawn Yuk Sung (For two persons) £11.50
Vegetable Yuk Sung (For two persons) £8.00
Sesame King Prawn on Toast £4.90
Deep Fried Seaweed £3.90
Deep Fried Samosa £3.90
Chicken Wings in Barbecued Sauce £5.50
Fried Chicken Wings with Salt and Chilli £5.50
Crispy Fried Chicken Wings £5.50
Spare Ribs Peking Style £7.90
Spare Ribs with Salt and Pepper £7.90
Paper Wrapped Spare Ribs £8.50
Deep Fried Ocean Sticks £4.90
Chicken or Beef sticks with Satay Sauce £4.90
Skewered King Prawn in Satay Sauce £5.50
Crispy Lamb (served with pancakes for 2 persons) £12.00
Aromatic Crispy Duck with pancakes - Half £18.00
Peking Duck with pancakes - Half £18.00
Selection of Dim Sum for two persons (Spring Rolls, BBQ Chicken Wings,Sesame Prawn Toast, Samosa, Seaweed) £8.50

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